Waiting for Reveal: Haldir at Helm's Deep - The Two Towers

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Curious to see what new characters from The Two Towers other than Haldir could possibly be revealed for its 20 year Anniversary
Wow. So many good options for figures being posted. Maybe we should change the thread's title away from just one specific elf?...
Yeah, good idea. It should definitely be the “FlyAndFight is smelly let’s get him some deodorant” thread. Certainly wouldn’t want Haldir or any one character to be the center of all these good suggestions!
I personally would prefer the "ear picking hobbit" before any more elves.

ear picking hobbit.gif
How is development coming along @Asmus? Anything you’d like to share now that the whole sponsor situation is sorted out?

I’m sure you guys are going to hit a home run with this figure. You’re due for a slam dunk.