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  • Thank you buddy, I appreciate it. I was pretty good, all things considered. Really sick of this covid **** though. It’s ruined a lot of people’s minds.
    How do so many people in this hobby "miss out" on releases, especially collectors like you and I that have been here for the better part of a decade? :lol

    Like, if I miss something and I want it bad enough, I end up getting it. All these "I missed this release", "I hope this gets rereleased/redone" is crazy.
    Ah I suppose that's probably for the best. I'm trying to do the same but know a few people from buying and selling on Adverts.
    Ha, that's funny that it's been the 13th already for a few hours in Ireland. Still a little over two hours to go here. :D But thank you sir, much appreciated! lol about the deja vu
    Thanks for your pm. You've always been a class act so no worries there. Merry Christmas :duff
    Ta for your wall message about your full inbox and not getting my pm. It was just a rant :lol
    Open up a case against him. It wouldn't be rude. He says that and all he has to do is work it out. eBay should be in on this. Make a claim, describe the situation and post the pics. Worst case scenario he doesn't reply or acknowledge it and you get a full refund and get to keep everything.

    Did his listing describe all that nasty damage?
    I'd say about half, so $90 something. The stained shirt, wrinkled pants and detoriating belt are atrocious and they had to have seen that when they sold it to you. You're not in the wrong here.

    Those clothes go for quite a bit on eBay. I'd say the partial refund should reflect what's left over after how much you wanted to pay for the True Type body. I think getting around $90-$96 back is reasonable.

    He's not having you send the clothes back correct? Make it known that the clothing articles are unusable.
    wait, didn't we already purchase one from kommando? is this one better?...
    Thank you kindly for the rep, Mr. Dev. :duff Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to "bounce." But not before I turn the heat up over here. It's getting a little "nippy." ;)
    Yeah, as much as I appreciate Burke's oily shenanigans and Ripley calling him out on it, I kinda got the raw end of the deal here. :lol
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