HT 14" Predator full spec and hi-res pics

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Very foolish words man!
Jul 26, 2007
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Hot Toys - MMS 90 - Predator - 14" high fully poseable Predator colletible figure

This Predator collectible figure features:
- Realistic based 1/6 scale (14 inches/ 35 cm tall) Predator from the first Predator movie
- over 24 points of articulations
- Highly detailed armory and figure body with newly developed body chest , arms
- Removable mask with light-up laser nets( battery operated)
- Real fabric net body suit
- Interchangeable open and closed mandibles
- Articulated Shoulder Cannon
- Extendable Wrist Blades
- Wrist Computer
- Bone Trophies
- Highly retailed Medical kit
- Interchangeable hands
- Jungle featured display base

Simple assembly required
Release date: Q2, 2009

Predator TM & © 2009 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All rights reserved.








For being one ugly motherfurcker, that thing is gorgeous. Between this and Dutch and the apes, that should pretty much take care of my collecting budget for the new year.
Man, HT did not disappoint... this is the Predator and they really pulled out all the stops :rock

The lights in the helmet are a very cool touch, and totally unexpected.
Agreed... A long 3 months but alteast i can save up more cash for this line. Buying extras of this line will cost me dearly...
Better than having to wait close to a year for LOTR figures... 3 months seems like next week by comparison :lol
Better than having to wait close to a year for LOTR figures... 3 months seems like next week by comparison :lol

Hell yeah. It seems like in general around here, patience wears thinner and thinner on folks. 3 months for a figure you know will turn out good is a great deal, there's been 8 months waits for tragedies before.