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Sep 14, 2017
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So I've been making custom 15" x 15" foam board backdrops for my detolf shelves, and I'd like to do it for First Contact, Voyager, and eventually the TNG bridge.

The problem is that backdrops for Star Trek HAVE to be authentic. I can't just pick any close-enough spooky tree from a stock images site like I did for Beetlejuice, or a retro bowling alley like I did for the Dude.

Does anyone have the skills / interest to help with such a project?

If someone could do the design work accurately, and professionally, we could order them with a markup to repay at least some of your time.

Also, Nanjin could just tell us he's going to do this officially, and save us all the stress :)

Here are a couple (non-Trek) samples of what I've done.


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I am waiting for the Star Trek TMP bridge chair to come out with a view getting some additional decking made to match (with holes or grooves for stands). I think Nanjn is thinking of doing official backgrounds to match the chairs (although we don't know which other chairs are coming yet) but whether he is going beyond that is unknown (the classic engineering scene in TWoK springs to mind).

There might be some digital artists on in the fan art section who would have the requisite skills. Or maybe on Deviant Art.