1/6 Asmus Toy - The Lord of The Rings - Nazgûl 2.0 Collectible Figure

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the Duke of Drawing
May 13, 2011
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I'd have to talk myself out of getting nine -
"a man's got to know his limitations" 😁

No doubt nine of these across a shelf would make a spectacular display. But I figure there's collectors who can afford WETA's Master Replica pieces and Master Swords, with beautiful display rooms, and collectors of my ilk who need to talk themselves out of getting a third Nazgul😃 or ruin my plan to have the pair flanking the Twilight King.

A third is tempting tho:banghead
Hahaha, yeah I feel you.
Aside from myself, also have to gain permit from the lady of the house. Which is the hardest thing to do! :LOL:

If I have the fund, I would dedicate a room just for LOTR collections. Those pieces by WETA are amazing indeed, although some of them has issues as well, particularly leaning issues, which happened to my Galadriel piece :(

Well who knows, maybe when InArt's Ringwraith preorder is announced, BBTS will discount asmus' Ringwraith to 60% off, or maybe more, so you can get more of em bad boys!
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