Present Toys "Raider Jones" figure

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Not too bad. Never owned a figure from this company. Anyone know how the final products usually compare to the proto?
check out the present toys Django thread. I ordered this based on the quality of that figure.
I still might grab this as a base, given how nicely their Django release turned out overall. Especially as I already have a custom head sculpt to use, so that part isn't an issue for me.
Present Toys "Raider Jones" figure

This worth getting as a stopgap in lieu of the Hot Toys DX05?

For the value ($157), this seems OK considering the secondary market for the Hot Toys is $500+ and that figure is so old, I have heard a few accounts of collectors witnessing the pleather material deteriorating right out of the box (i.e. the straps).

But the Present Toys is missing some the Raiders accessories that really made the DX05 shine, such as the golden idol and pedestal base.

The Collecting Weekly podcast mentioned this is a recast from a custom sculpt.

I keep holding out hope that Hot Toys will revisit Indiana Jones but that grows increasingly unlikely given their current track record. But I did pick up the SSC Temple of Doom several years back so do I have Indy I my collection.
I'm glad third party companies are putting out Indy's now, it's strange how long it took them. Unfortunately, I really see nothing from this release that is useable for my Indy.
Re: Present Toys "Raider Jones" figure

It looks about as much like HF as Hot Toys' DX05. Your best bet - get DX05, then get a custom head sculpt to put on it, there's no Ford like custom Ford.

Didn't they recast Inigo's custom Ford, though? You don't think Inigo's looks like Indy?
Might see if I can pick up the satchel and headsculpts to go with my DX05. The satchel strap on my DX05 has crumbled.
You can get leather cord at Michael's (if in the states) that makes a great replacement. Don't even need to trim the width.

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Correct. Real leather to boot. May have to dye the color to your liking. I was content as is.

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It also comes in a nice dark brown as well as black. I've used this lacing countless times; highly recommend it.
I ended up pre-ordering this one from Toys Wonderland, using their BF code.

I need a ToD Indy and this was as good as any place to start. The eventual updates can come afterwards but at least I'll be able to display a ToD Indy with some modifications.