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  • Cheers dude.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    Home life is busy and have some requests to make but let me know if you want something making. Something different maybe so I can expand my portfolio. :lol

    The new TLJ trailer looks fooking AWESOME! :rock I cannot wait to see this in the theater! :yess:

    The pics of the new Hot Toys Rey from TLJ look fantastic and TLJ Rey is the representation of the character that I want in my collection. The portrait is great looking and I love the new Jedi outfit Rey is sporting! :rock

    The comic book club I sponsor is super hyped for Star Wars and that brings a tear to my eye! :lol
    K2SO looks awesome and pairing him with Jyn in disguise will be sweet! :rock

    I want that Sphero remote control R2! :panic: It looks like a lot of fun!

    I have Thor/Jane Foster PF this month and the BvS WW PF in November. I have a some art prints from Sideshow coming soon too; Olivia WW, Black Cat and Huntress. :yess:
    I want to get the Jyn in disguise figure from RO. I think that figure captures her likeness perfectly and the expression looks really natural. The figure really pops for me!

    I also want K2so. :D

    I want to get the Sphero BB-8; it looks like it would be a lot of fun to have! I think I may pick up two of the Sphero BB-8's. One to keep and one to give away at the library's Star Wars day celebration next year. :yess:

    I really like the Praetorian guards. They look so unique and menacing! :rock They remind me of Japanese Samurai.

    I hope to see Hot Toys make a Poe Dameron in X-Wing pilot gear and a Cassian figures. :pray:
    I did see the new pic of Hellboy and it looks awesome and yes he looks pissed off! :rock :lol :rock

    I can't wait to see it in the theater. :yess:

    Did you see the new Hot Toys BB-8 & BB-9E set? I plan on getting it and I hope we see a new TLJ Rey soon. :rock
    No worries!

    Vacation time is always good! :rock

    I'm doing fine; just finally getting settled in with classes and my students. So far this year has started out really well. :yess:
    Felicia is her name and we're friends. We got together a few times but it never got serious. We both work together here at school and with various school clubs and outside group activities.

    We're very fond of each other but I don't know if it'll be more than that. But if we remain friends only; I'm good with that. :)

    For the record; You're not prying. if I didn't want you to know about my private life I wouldn't have told you. :lol

    I hope things are going well with you! How's home ownership going?
    That is a very true lyric. :lecture Teach them how to support themselves and they don't become a burden to the rest of society.
    I talk about history a lot. :lol

    The things I teach my students are valuable and essential lessons that are designed to help students succeed in the work place regardless on whether they go on to college or a trade school or not. Whether or not they will need a job to support themselves because like I like to tell them "Mommy and Daddy won't be around forever." :lecture
    I'm a vocational instructor; I teach a class called Community Based Training (CBT) which is a job shadowing/hands on course that teaches students how to properly fill out a job application, conduct a proper job interview and proper work etiquette at selected job sites here in town.

    It's a class that I've been teaching for eleven years now. It's a job that I get a lot of satisfaction from; teaching and mentoring my students has been very rewarding especially when I see the light turn on in their heads and it stays on. :yess: :lol
    I've been doing great, just getting ready for another school year attending in-services and classes before school starts on the 24th of August. I think this year is gonna be a real good one; I have a good group of students signed up for my class and I look forward to working with each of them!
    Hey Ingo...WOW, that is a BEAUTIFUL drawing! :rock

    I love the colors, detail and how you gave it depth & a sense of motion. Awesome job my friend! :hi5:

    You should make prints of that. :lecture
    My plans are lazing around as much as possible. I lead a very simple life. :lol
    My weekend was ok thanks. It was raining for a change :lol so i just played PS4 and chilled. How was yours?

    Yeah a lot of people seem to have moved over to the facebook groups now. They aren't fun though. Full of trolls and annoying knobs. I stopped posting here because there are people i can't stand. One of them being a mod, Snoop. haha no that him really. I'll be checking in here now though to chat with you, Snoop and Chaser when you're all about.
    It looks really great from the trailers. Will buy it in blu-ray for sure. Bet it sounded amazing in the cinema though.
    Yeah all about meeting someone that is right for you and that has the same interests as yourself. Glad you've found that mate :hi5:
    Yeah re doing a house can be a real pain and take a lot of your free time. No I don't i had enough with the last one. Enjoy being alone now. Do what i want when i want. Buy what i want when i want etc. I love my own company. :lol
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