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  • Thanks man! I am a huge BTAS fan. Wait until you see what I have up my sleeve... :)
    :lol I know mate, I'm just tired of readimg through people's opinions, now I know opinions can't be wrong or right, but they're all bullcrap!
    But like you I'm so pumped for this! And am extremely happy with it the way it is! Its just I want it as perfect as can be! This is the big one for me, one of my grails and the figure I've always wanted since starting this hobby! One of the first memories in this hobby was trying to track down sunohc's sculpt after being blown away by it!

    Wow yeah I remember that now :lol time flies indeed.

    Thanks mate I hope I can do a good job on the dio! Can't wait to get started!

    Eager to see medi maul too, do the sabers light up do you know?

    Well, I'm thinking, A hot toys or other muscle Body, as I think the neck looks a little funny on him And his robes were always untidy, you could see all his neck and even a little chest.

    The hot toys body will also offer bigger legs which I think will benefit him.

    Then if the head paint doesn't look great I'll be getting it repainted!

    I may also change out his belt for ep2 obi's as this one looks plastic to me? Also I'm kind of preferring the older brown robe that ep2 obi has.
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