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  • the handles are black and its a little purple. let me show u some pics.
    Hey, I'm interested in the Trek figures and I'm in the UK. Which ones have you got and how much do you want for them? I already have Kirk and Spock, so anything other than these two I'm keen for!
    hey time, i was wondering what's ur cost of the whips , belts , holsters and if you do bag straps. Do you have any pics?
    Hi, I'm interested in the Aragorn head sculpt. How much did you want for it? I'm uk based. Cheers, Kyle
    Hey man!

    Curious what your thoughts are on the jnix indy? You think inigo v 2 is better?
    Hey I messaged you recently, not sure if you got it but thought I'd let you know in case you missed. Thanks for your time.
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