Hot Toys 1/6 The Amazing Spiderman Comic version

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Not much of an upgrade from the classic suit from the game. Should've made the costume with the same material the Scarlet Spider's costume was made from.
📣Hot Toys launches Spider-Man's most classic comic red and blue jersey 1:6 scale collection figure
Limited 400 sets in Hong Kong, available exclusively in stock at Echo Base store!! ️
Spiderman fans don't miss the chance to get started 😎

📌 Sale details:
🔻Dec. 8 – Toy Hunters and Secret Base members priority purchase day
🔻Dec 9th – Public sale

📍發售地點: Hot Toys Echo Base (銅鑼灣百德新街Fashion Walk 地下12-14號舖)
Retail Price: HK$ 2,180
!!!!!! ️ Hong Kong limited to 400 sets in stock, first come first served while stock lasts
I hate this company. Really made the most popular marvel character limited to 400. But upon further inspection the suit kinda looks eh so it’s whatever
What are the odds that this particular version is only 400 for HK and there will be slightly different version with larger numbers?
What are the odds that this particular version is only 400 for HK and there will be slightly different version with larger numbers?
None. It's been tagged with an exclusive. Unless it gets a 2.0 or remake down the line, don't hold your breathe
Why are not they not showing the standard collage picture with everything it comes with?
Doesn't look much like any comic Spidey I'm familiar with, due to the eyes. Close to Bagley I guess. But personally I think it's ugly. I think the classic videogame Spidey is a much better representation of a conventional "comic" Spidey. The camera and stand are pretty nice, though.
It’s cool, but…not at the same time? A hodgepodge mixed with a mirage, like leftover bits of all the previous Spideys rolled into one. Yeah, I think I’ll also be keeping my PS4 Classic Suit for a little while longer.
This. I want.
They also said Miles2.0 was limited to 300 in Hong Kong as well. I wouldn’t put too much stock into those numbers.

I think it’s really only limited to 400 actually at the store at Echo Base

I mean I think in Hong Kong the Peter 2.0 said it was 500 or something sideshow got 1000 or something like that either way I gotta have it
The new eyes appear Humberto Ramos-inspired. I much prefer the Romita eyes on Classic Suit. And why the hell would I want webshooters on the outside of his costume?
I’ll be making a comic Peter with those web shooters, and I am really glad the red part is fabric that’s huge to me

Mando is too expensive for what it is. Hot toys all the way

Is this Spider-Man a one-and-done or can we expect more characters in this line from Hot Toys?

Mondo is expensive (relatively) and articulation is limited but they are great about including tons of extra head sculpts and accessories.

And thus far, Mondo have been doing a pretty good job fleshing out their Batman and X-Men lines with multiple characters, albeit very slowly.