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  • Yea lol where did you see me at,and it just makes me upset that people say the dark knight is the best movie ever made and is original then avatar comes and it gets bashed on and for what, its just weird man.
    Hey boss. Hope all is well. I see you out on the boards defending Avatar man!, Its awesome!, its die hard fans like us Cameron made this movie for. I know the movies not everyones cup of tea but everyone has there own opinion, Some may say its not original but we know the truth. THe movies gonna be the #1 of all time by the end of the month so let them talk all they want man haha, Hope we get word soon on those figures!, Talk to ya soon!
    Same i didnt hear anything, the waits crazy lol. I cant wait till we get some kind of news cause these avatar figures are gonna be awesome!.
    go to your CP and then to the friends section on the side bar and then finally add friends is on the bottom. Or go to the person's page and on the right click the button "Befriend (member's name)"
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