1/6 Hot Toys- MMS631 - Spider-Man: No Way Home - Green Goblin Collectible Figure

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So ******* beautiful. THIS will always be the definitive villain for me in all of fiction.
This one coming out now aswell. Of course it is :lol

Tobey Spiderman and the 70s outfit DOFP Wolverine no doubt next week and the week after.
This looks absolutely gorgeous but yeah not sure about that gonzo looking head sculpt. Hopefully it looks better in hand.
Headsculpt looks absolutely incredible
The cuffs on the wrists look horrible. Why are they flared out so much? Either that or the hands are too small.

Makes it look like a halloween costume.
One of the GREATEST movie villains ever to grace the screen. Dafoe IS Norman Osborne.

Yeah, not sure how anyone can say this is a miss at all. In anyway.
Once again, Hot Toys says "Hold my Beer, InArt".

Sculpt is 11/10, Figure and Glider look perfect to me. CANNOT WAIT to have this in hand!!
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I'm stuck between getting this or the Hobo Goblin, which I really like the look of. Don't really want both on display. I lean towards this since it would better display with the Raimi Spidey figure but I also want to display the Hobo Goblin with the mask from this, which looks like the best of both. Decisions decisions..