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Jul 20, 2012
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This Museum Collection edition of Anduril features a 1060 high carbon steel blade with several improvements over our standard version of the sword that more accurately replicate the hero filming props. The surface polish is finer, the engraved blade runes are more accurately shaped and detailed, and the fuller grooves are now the correct length. Each sword is individually serial numbered on the blade and includes a certificate of authenticity. A 14 1/8” wooden wall display offers an intricately detailed gold-plated metal crest and gold-plated sword mounting arms, and also includes a Gondorian themed blue cloth banner to be hung behind the display. The display and banner feature the ancient heraldry of the Kingdom of Gondor: a flowering white tree of Gondor, the seven stars of Elendil, and a winged crown above them, the symbol of the king. The Museum Collection Anduril is considered the ultimate piece of the United Cutlery Museum Collection to most Lord of the Ring collectors.


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I couldn’t find a thread about this or a general UC thread so here’s this. I’d love to add Anduril to my collection and in my searching I stumbled upon this. Seems pretty awesome and an update to their first one. Looks like there’s a preorder option on both sites United Cutlery has listed, Budk and TrueSwords. I’m confused however because on their site the price listed is $914 but on BudK and TrueSwords it’s $499 and at Castle Kon it’s listed for $475. I was wondering if anyone else is also interested in this and if you have experience purchasing weapons? Castle Kon seems like a great place to order from. Does anyone know why there’s a price difference? I have zero experience when it comes to ordering replica weaponry.
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I’m not sure what you mean. The price is for a preorder on these sites. Seems shady to double the price when it’s time to ship.
It’s full tang as well. Confirmed by united cutlery. I’m trying to get all info for a YouTube video review when it comes out.