EXO-6 Star Trek "The Wrath of Khan" Figures

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Sep 9, 2005
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I didn't see a thread dedicated to TWOK figures so created this one.

Just a few photos from the "Tested" video on YouTube:

TWOK group.jpg

TWOK group 2.jpg
Honestly, these are beautiful. I was only wanting to go in on TOS but I might have to go for this trio. Excellent work, Nanjin and team.
I just watched the new video and am so excited for all three TWOK characters. That field jacket is a piece of art!
Those uniforms and jacket are nothing short of a masterpiece, it really does TWOK justice, well done exo-6!
These three will be my 1/6 grails for sure. I am all in for these and cannot wait for the to go up for preorder. Really hoping nothing TWOK is hap filler or super limited.
After watching video and pics, noticed Spock tunic is missing a part of some button/clasp closure on the white shoulder strap.
I will buy everything from TWOK they release, as it's my favourite Trek movie of them all. That Expedition jacket looks awesome, although the colours look incorrect. The main colour is a Rust brown and the lining is in light tan. Only the rank band on the sleeve and the shoulder patch is actually white. I made one of these a few years back, and studied reference material extensively.


In the screenshot above, Terrell's shirt is white and his jacket red. Compare the colours to Bones' coat, which looks more brown in relation to the red, and the jacket collar is darker than Terrell's shirt collar. Both are lit under the same lighting conditions. The difference is subtle, but noticeable.


You can better see the difference in the white of the undershirt and the ribbed portions of the jacket here.

P.S. I really want a Saavik in her coat as well. With 2 heads, Alley and Curtis, as well as the bag seen in ST-III.
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To swap between the Alley and Curtis versions of Saavik is more than a head change.

Ignore that the two actresses have different body proportions but their uniforms are different - Alley had a red tunic and Curtis wore white.
I will gladly part with my AA figures to get just Admiral Kirk! He’s probably my most anticipated EXO-6 right now!