1/6 Hot Toys - Zack Snyder's Justice League - Batman (Tactical Batsuit Ver.)

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Just got this figure in , should go great with Batman !
Justin has put his review up and done a comparison with the original. I really do love the look of the 2.0 but it just confirms why I'm keeping my 1.0 for the display, the 2.0 is just a bit too metallic and shiny unfortunately. Also that bat symbol visibility issue is just weird.

Got mine and you can sort of tuck it between the chest... but for some reason the new one doesn't do it as well as the first version. I also don't like the stiffer cape, it doesn't drape as well on the shoulders like the old.

So I definitely prefer my old version for the more accurate paint and things mentioned above. The only improvement is maybe the facepaint which is barely noticeable and the waist stitch seam being under the belt.

Got the figure today! Beautiful and impressive but seeing some asymmetrical wonkiness here and there especially on glued on armor parts. I see such things right away lol body definitely looks weird and outdated. Still a nice addition as Tactical Suit is my fav.
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