1/6 Hot Toys -TMS118 - Ahsoka series : Ahsoka the White

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Good dialogue in Star War has never really been a thing. The OT certainly has its cringey moments, and the PT has some of the worst dialogue of the entire franchise. It’s pretty funny that some people suddenly care about having top notch dialogue for Ahsoka, when it wasn’t a complaint for the other shows/movies.
Andor has shown that we can have good dialogue in Star Wars. We don't need to settle for the level of writing we got in Ahsoka.
It's also worth pointing out that the PT gets a lot of criticism for its dialogue.
When did the ahsoka thread turn into a bashing star wars/ praising andor thread? Different opinions are nice but this seems to turn up often, its gone a bit off rails here
Welcome to the "No one hates Star Wars like Star Wars fans" segment of our programming...

Loved that they used ROTS Kenobi as a filler for the show. A figure released 4 years ago.
I think this will be an amazing figure on shelf. As much as I cringed at the angry sculpt originally, I might just replace the sculpt on the Mando Ahsoka with it... It would provide a nice contrast on the shelf.
yup, that was my intention too.
Really odd that Mando figure looks nothing like what we received in hand.

paint looks different on the beskar and the helmet looks different. I think its the proto.
You know that's Mando from the first season right? The non-chrome version. You can tell because Grogu is in the pram. The chrome one doesn't have the pram (season 2).

Loved that they used ROTS Kenobi as a filler for the show. A figure released 4 years ago.
There's another photo with the one from the Kenobi show, and it has an improved likeness.