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Darren Carnall

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  • Hey bud, could you reply to my PM when you get a chance? Cheers. I'd of sent you another but didn't want to take up space / your time!!
    hey bud! it's steven from facebook! (the one who's always showing you resculpts :lol) stumble upon you as I saw you on one of my friend's "friend list" haha anywhoo, just wanted to say hi!
    hi friend do you have a anakin resculp and painted for sell me???
    i like this head
    Darren firstly i would like to say your works are amazing. I would like to buy anakin skywalker , luke skywalker and aragorn head from you. if you help me i will be very glad.
    ....I've been busy :lol

    Not much time for reading threads like I used to, so I just have to skim through the important ones... answer pm's and emails... then get on with sculpting/painting.

    I'm still here though ;)
    No visitor messages yet?! Well this just can't stay that way.:D Welcome back from your trip dude!
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