MAFEX Robocop 1/12 scale

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Jul 31, 2016
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Looks to be September 2018 release and ~8000JPY MSRP, so hopefully like $60ish with preorder discounts and good exchange rates. Don't see him up for preorder yet. Looks awesome!
Looks like a miniature Hot Toys MMS202. As such it looks pretty good. Not sure I have any need for a 1:12 scale figure though.
I don't know. Maybe I'm just too used to the Neca figure, but doesn't he seem too skinny?

It really looks almost exactly like the Figma version that came out about 6 years ago, with the exception that this one has sculpted lips and not just a line of paint for a mouth. At first I thought it was a re-release, cause even the blast effect and optional leg parts are the same.

Having said all that, I have no doubt I'll still end up buying this anyway.
Yeah. But if Hot Toys and Enterbay couldn't do it I wouldn't expect it from these guys and at this scale.

There is some truth in that, but I honestly wonder if any of these R&D departments in these companies is even aware of it. It looks like in that first photo it's on the kneecaps. But, that's probably photoshop.

Hot Toys only had it slightly on the limbs from what I recall... which begs the question... why even bother?
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YES!!!! I’ll take two please! Hopefully they also do a BF version with a Murphy headsculpt like Hot Toys.
I don't know, the 2001 astronauts have no likeness and they're much cheaper.

But this is the same price as Alex from the Clockwork Orange, which isn't great likeness but I'm guessing they had to pay for it anyway, hence the increased price.

It's a long shot, but hopefully.

Damn, now I want a Murphy figure.
it will fit Neca's midget predators scale.

Speaking of things from that era, it'd be nice if someone could make a better T-800 endoskeleton than Neca's offerings, ideally in 1/12 scale so it fits in with other lines of figures.