1/6 Hot Toys Batman & Batmobile - Batman Begins

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Yes the eye sticks are more fragile than HT’s. But I haven’t had one snap, but I agree they could be stronger. That may have a lot to do with the material available. I honestly haven’t seen any other custom maker offering rolling eye pieces, so I’m not sure what the material/design needs are for making them. As for the magnetic joint piece, I just glued mine in so it’s fixed. Though I could see why keeping it removable would be helpful if further modding is desired.

unsure if its actually painted, unlikely for the eyes. i just chalked it up to good use of decals

my only main concern while handling the cowl is how thin the sticks are for the eyes. they're super thin and I feel they might break very easy. everything else is fine for what it is, assuming its a resin cast or print. the magnet head piece is not 100% fixed to the cowl and I'm guessing there's a reason why specifically, its just tacked inside
Eh a few pages of good old fashion DC smack down banter kind of warms my nostalgic heart especially when discussing this specific Batman. That old TF Bats thread was something else along with DX02/DX12.

But yeah it can probably end now:1-1:
Apologies for the delay in opening. I've been mobile since last week and dropped the ball.

I will go through this thread and continue to monitor.
This thing, man.

That MMS body is perfect. Hot Toys really screwed people with that first batch.

No use in going with the old TF now. New body's much improved. Besides, that old one kind of looks like it's falling apart every time I still see it.

Is it the MMS595 body?