EXO-6 Star Trek “Picard” Figures

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I really can’t say about some of the facial features of the recent revealed Trek figures. It’s either dead on the likeness to the actors/ actress or they all look like they got issued by Star Ace with half ***** work.
Shaw is a day one buy for me. Love the character, love the actor. I got to hang out with him a bit on the Star Trek Cruise, and he's just such a cool guy. Here's a picture I have of him with my wife and I after he did our vow renewals.
Todd Stashwick Photo.jpg

I don't know how far else I'll delve into Picard. Vadic? Yes. Raffi, for sure. I already have Seven, but a Captain or Commander Seven is tempting. Worf's a no, but that's because I try not to double-dip. That updated Picard looks great, but it's still a no for me.
Screenshot 2023-07-31 001056.png

Four hours later due to technical issues, the podcast ended up airing at 2 pm PST

Watched it last night. As usual, Dominic Keating couldn't let the guest get a word in without some pithy creepy remark, made worse when he started drinking.

You can see Terry Matalas get cut off constantly and start to say something but doesn't get the chance to finish it. Horrible podcast.
Kill Bill Elder inspired Dorn doesn’t look too bad here, but it looks like he’s still displeased about something (hence the rolled eyes in the back of his head).

I’m actually waiting to see Todd Stashwick and either Commander/Captain Seven. If Nanjin’s commissioned artist does a fairly reasonable look to both figures then I’m in otherwise, it’s no go from me.
Not sure about Worf either. He didn't have that big a role in the show. I'll get Picard and Seven if they do her (preferably in her season 3 uniform). Maybe Riker and Shaw. Picard and Riker was my favorite part of Season 3.
Just finished Episode 7 of 10 (no pun intended) of Picard S3. So, so far Grey Worf is a pass for me, Seven (being Seven and all - and hair down to boot) is a for sure buy for me (I hope they find a way to do the hair well which will be a challenge - don't really want a Seven barbie, but sculpted long hair could be hard to work with as well).

And if Adm Picard goes up today, that's two... I could be in for Riker if they knock the sculpt and the paint out of the park (but it would be a shame in my book if old man Will is the first Riker we get).

That would probably be it for me, but that is from a 7 of 10 perspective. I find it interesting that so many seem to be calling for a Captain Shaw figure. He's been largely a background player as of 7 of 10, so I'm assuming this means he makes a big splash in the closing act. That should be fun!
I think Shaw and Ryan are possibly the two most wanted from this lineup and hopefully that Nanjin does justice to both otherwise I’m not going to purchase it at all.

Hopefully that we see Q as well.
I dunno. I’m not overly impressed with the figure. The outfit is really kind of plain and the figure doesn’t have much for accessories.

Plus I still haven’t watched season three in spite of hearing it’s good after the bad taste of the first two seasons.