Dean Cain as Superman?

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Did you enjoy Dean Cains portrayal of Superman?

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    Votes: 97 59.9%
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Mar 24, 2010
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Tar Heel State, USA
...With all the nostalgic talk & hype regarding the upcoming HT Christopher Reeves Superman figure, Im wondering what do the fellow freaks think of the remaining actors that have donned the famous red & blue tights.

Im mainly refering to Dean Cains role in "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman". Ive recently gotten back into the series, only to realize Im quite fond of his portrayal. So the topic question remains, did you like Dean Cain as Clark Kent/Superman? Why or why not?
I LOVED Dean Caine as Superman! Grew up with that show and have the entire series! I thought he was great! great portrayal of both Clark and Superman. I'd love it if I could some how get a HS of Dean Caine to make a custom of him as Superman.
I don't think I've seen that show since it went off the air, so my memories of it are pretty vague, but the one aspect I do remember liking is that Clark Kent was a real person, and Superman was very much the disguise. I hate when Clark is treated as a facade. I'm going to have to go back and re-watch this series now.
While I enjoyed the show, I was not a fan of his Superman. I did like his Clark, however.
He put his best foot forward and did his best with the material given to him in the series...

Was he good?...yes

Was he great?...Depends on who you ask...

After all, as "Fanboyish" as it sounds...he did have alot to live up to after Chris Reeve...But personally, i think he did great...
For me personally, I think Chris Reeve ruined it for everyone else trying to play the role of Superman. Imho, He is the one and only Superman! he looked and played the role so well, that, I have a hard time seeing anyone fill the Superman role as well as he did. In L&C, Dean Cane did a good job as an actor, but, in my mind, he's just a guy dressed up as Superman. But, he never really sold it to me that he was Superman.
The show sucked... it was like Superman for middle aged women :lol
Though I sort-of liked it originally, I was very young, and as the show went on I got less and less interested in the Lifetime Channel vibes it gave off.

Unfortunately, 90s nostalgia is very powerful nowadays, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this getting more and more love from folks who enjoyed this show as youngsters.
After reading his wikipedia entry, I would like to see a "Dean Cain as Scott Peterson in 'The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story'" figure.