Big Chief Studios: Peaky Blinders 1/6 figures

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yea ebay is pretty pricey right now. He was going for pretty decent pricing for awhile, even on there, but I guess stock is drying up so the price is as well.
Box should be fine. I think sometimes they mark them that way b/c of the returns some ppl try to make due to small dings on the box. It's part of the reason why Sideshow no longer replaces artboxes. Too many ppl wanting replacements or refunds for minor stuff but unfortunately also penalizes the ones who do get crushed boxes.

While I haven't seen the THToys one in person, I would say overall it's a comparable looking figure for the most part just different looks and the BCS on being officially licensed while the THToys one is a 3rd Party unlicensed figure. Unfortunately, the THToys one goes for so much right now that it's just not worth it in my opinion. I do like the pocket watch, real laced shoes, and weapons that the THToys one comes with as well as the fit of the overcoat.
Thank you SO much for the info 😊
So, I just got the Worldbox AT020 Pro body and it thankfully worked how I had hoped. I won't have any pics right away as I'll be out of town the rest of the week, but couldn't wait to try it out. He no longer looks like he's swimming in the suit. It's all pretty well filled out without looking too tight on the body. Plus, with the various included neck pegs, you can get the head to sit at a better height now.
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