Asmus - 1/6 Gollum/Smeagol

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Finally got mine in hand. I was worried after seeing all the QC issues here. But luckily he turned out OK and fit in well with the rest of the Fellowship.


Welp, my replacement bodies have shipped, so, fingers crossed, I’m starting to feel more enthusiasm for these figures. Credit to Asmus for addressing the issue and providing the replacements.
I have just received the Gollum+Smeagol set.
Inside the box, Gandalf's new sculpted hat + Aragorn's Anduril.
Why? That is not advertised.
I received my replacements for Gollum from @Asmus. I am surprised and disappointed that it didn't include the crouching legs though. Did all the replacements not include the crouching legs?
I thought the only parts that were fading were the flexible ones (arms and straight legs). Looking at my G/S set, it's the bendy vinyl-ish bits that are fading. The crouching legs are hard plastic and haven't faded at all. Maybe that's why?
Just looked at my Stinker/Slinker and you are right. Crouching legs are fine. :rock