1/6 EL1EV1EN x KAI Studio EXK012 - Mr. Antihero (Billy Butcher from The Boys)

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Dec 8, 2012
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OSK Product Page: ELEVEN x KAI EXK012 1/6 Scale MR.ANTIHERO
Looks like Eleven and Kai Studio are finally putting out their Butcher. Head sculpt looks great, and based on their previous posts we may get an alternate. I’m also glad they went with a different shirt to give us some variety.
Based on their Craig Bond, this should turn out very well at a pretty reasonable price.




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I like that the coat more closely resembles the darker colour we see onscreen. The irl coat may be green but, in the show, it’s never appeared anywhere near as prominent as SooSoo or Star Ace have made it.
This looks amazing. Eleven and Kai always have great production pieces too. Hopefully they have a good amount of accessories like SooSoo cause this looks better to me. Although the boots need to be tweaked
Hopefully the tailoring survives production. Their NTTD Bond’s tuxedo didn’t look that great in the end.
I thought it was fine, no suit will look great without futzing. This is the same exact suit after some futzing work, I don't think tailoring is a problem
Those are nice pictures, but the it doesn’t take away from the fact that the shirt collar is way too big and the jacket is a little wide in the body and sleeves are pretty baggy like if he’s wearing an off the rack suit that isn’t quite the right size for him. Maybe I’m misremembering the actual look but Craig usually has very fitted tailored suits, and the Eleven suit just seems a little big on the body. Futzing helps hide it, but it’s still there. I’m not expecting it to be at the level of Yunsil, but it has a lot of room for improvement even for a regular production piece.
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That sculpt is very bad. And the tailoring isn't that impressive. My opinion of course. That's a huge, huge step back from what they teased last year, honestly.
The main sculpt is pretty weak looking. Something is very off with his eyes. Digging the evil smirk one but that default one looks worse than SooSoo's.

Kind of looks like his face is shrunken in?

Up at OneSixthKit now, not much to complain about for $184 shipped. Definitely in on this one even though I already have the SooSoo. No Lazer Baby, but the coke bag with Termite in it is pretty awesome.
Eagerly awaiting this now, seeing the SooSooToys rise in value a bit in the UK... This is my oldest PO now and it feels like an age :oops::ROFLMAO: