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I took 2 photos that is showing the test of hair style.
I think the development is fairly early right now,
but we are expecting to release it this year or early next year.

So when will the next batch of Gandalf the Gray heads be available, for those who missed out? :monkey2 :(
My story with Asmus gets more unpleasant. I decided to contact them to use a forwarding company, as they still can't ship it to me because of the war. So, I discovered that Galadriel is sold out, and they could have shipped it while it was in stock (I paid my order in full already). I should have traced the low stock myself. But I presupposed that if I have a paid order it can't be sold to someone else... well it can.
I also paid for GtW Crown head with shipping and was told that it can be shipped only to China with no additional fee. I believe people from the US did not pay extra for it to be shipped, right?
UPD: It seems they decided not to charge me with an extra fee. Ok, good news for me.

Something is really wrong with their communication and shipping policies. I also learned that I have less trouble buying their stuff through Kit or TNS rather than directly. Unfortunately, getting heads is not possible without dealing with them directly.
It's a pity because I wanted both LotR Ladies of the Sun and Moon in my collection, but alas will have to wait for another Galadriel in 1/6. Paying 300+ in e-bay is not an option. Now, I have to hope for InArt to make her.

I understand there is a challenge with Gollums and tensions around the license and all other stress. But since COVID started I had only one nice experience with Asmus - receiving Anduril out of the blue in January 2022. Just hope my Smeagol will not turn gray, and I will not have to deal with the exchange (in my case paying extra for forwarding).

I like what they do with the hairing and for the price of it. I also hope they will continue to make more LotR figures, and maybe try new approaches.

But these things with communication and orders are just getting me really tired (I'm glad most of my collection survived the shelling we had in 2022 and I can continue collecting even now). Hope I'll get the heads soon (there was a talk that the Frodo head with the blue eyes will be shipped together with the Gandal head, I hope so), and at least this part will be done (and I can upgrade their figures I already have).
Another broken promise :rolleyes:
Much better to let them take their time and get it right. If they release it before it’s ready, it’s even more likely to have quality issues than it already is. I want that Thranduil from Asmus as I know InArt will never make him but I’m willing to wait until 2025 as long as they actually get it right.
So when is batch #3 of GTG heads coming out, since apparently the second batch was gone within a few hours?