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It's an overall great figure. But after waiting so long, I'm kind of indifferent about it. It doesn't WOW. The Figuarts is shinier, which is surprising. Because the dull finish on the armor is the most disappointing part considering how good Mafex's paint job always is. It's compounded on mine by the fact that the visor paint is misaligned JUST enough to be noticeable. Complete with a nice visible black line above the visor that shouldn't be there on one side.

The accessories are a mixed bag. Again usually Mafex's strong point. The lack of the jet pack is absolutely baffling. And while yes we knew about it since the start, the amount of delays just makes its absence really stand out. Same goes for the alternate shoulder pad. In comparison to Figuarts, Mafex just falls short here.

The cape is, odd? The partial wire at the collar is a great idea for making capes hand flat. The fabric looks nice but is a little TOO thin. And it's just strange that they didn't give it a full wire (along with a slightly thicker fabric) like Mafex always does. Better than the figuarts cape though.

The flame accessory doesn't seem to port into anything??

The amount of hands is great. And the rifle is exceptionally detailed. More so than any other company's sculpt. I love the addition of the hanging strap to add to it when it's in hand. The knife is great, but so is the figuarts one. And although it's not as simple as just plugging it into the back like the black series. It's thankfully far less over engineered compared to the figuarts one. They nailed this part.

This is probably the best baby yoda sculpt we've received in this scale. Great paint job. But the lack of articulation does make it feel like an after thought.

I think if it came out closer to the original release date, I'd love it more. But as it stands now, it's not the knock it out of the park I think we all were expecting in comparison to Figuarts.

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Had this sitting in a box for a loooong looong time. Busted it out of plastic prison today. Really fun to pose.

Also really shocked at how much mafex has gone up in price since I last bought this.


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Cool. Not surprising since BoBF is about to drop, but wonder why no preorders at the usual Japanese sites?
They do look good. I'm somewhat tempted. I was tempted by some of the Hasbro Black Series a few weeks ago, I allowed that to fade but then I see these Boba Fett's on BBTS......
At this point I‘m OG Boba version fatigued..I’m ready for more versions of his new look :lecture
They do look good. I'm somewhat tempted. I was tempted by some of the Hasbro Black Series a few weeks ago, I allowed that to fade but then I see these Boba Fett's on BBTS......
They're the best renditions of him in 6" form hands down for me, great details and proportions. You realize how small the heads/helmets are on the Black series next to these.

This is a great price. I got the ESB one at release, but had to do the aftermarket markup for the RoTJ version. Worth it, but wish I would have jumped on it when the price was like it is now.

These will look good next to the upcoming SF Figuarts new look.
IG-11 release has been pushed back to May. Not surprising considering Mafex's history of delays and the current global supply chain issues, but a bummer nonetheless.