Action Figure Medicom - MAFEX Star Wars line coming

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During the 2014 Wonder Festival this past weekend, the Star Wars logo appeared on a placard, indicating "coming soon". The MAFEX line is Medicom's 6-inch action figure toyline, which also includes Spider-Man and Batman action figures. Who do you hope to see first? Photo comes courtesy of Tomopop.

Isn't their SW line already 6 inch scale?

But seriously, I wonder if it means that they're giving up the 1/6 scale line. Which could mean that HT could pick up the line instead...
Interesting. I bet they will compliment the Hasbro line nicely. I look forward to seeing their armored figures.
I will be disappointed if rumors of these being shorter than the Hasbro ones are true. I was looking forward to mixing them for best effect, but I definitely won't be collecting two lines at a similar size.
Can't wait for the eventual comparison pics of figuarts, mafex, and Black series Vaders oh my!