EXO-6 Star Trek "Strange New Worlds" Figures

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I have personally found that the very best camera angle for this figure is shooting from about three to six inches from ABOVE. That angle suppresses the hair height a fair amount and makes his neck look a bit shorter as well. And if you also light him from slightly above, the features of the sculpt are most flattering.

See my photo from the previous page for reference. Took me quite a lot of trial and error to settle on that composition.

Gotta say Pike is a mighty fine looking figure!


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Solid sculpt and paint application (aside from the left eye being slanted upward slightly). Hopefully Picard receives this level of treatment.
I see what you're saying. But he also appears to be looking slightly upward in those examples.

Either way, angle can make all the difference. I guess we’ll see.
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Well it's been awhile since I've lurked or posted in here. Been out of the 1/6th game for awhile. However, the in hand pics of Pike pulled back in. I think he looks great and I love the show. Look forward to seeing how the rest of the crew turn out, but mostly likely will be a one and done with Pike. Such a cool character.