DST: Lord of the Rings 6? action figures

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Nov 11, 2008
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Sauron, Strider, Gimli, Frodo, the Ringwraith and the Moria goblin look amazing.

Call me a Debbie Downer, but the problem is that DST is still stuck in the ToyBiz era. They may be the best to pick up the torch because they deliver quality from 10 years ago. We've made so many advancements in figure production from screen printing to skin tone plastic and incredible hidden articulation. These won't be near as articulated as the ToyBiz offerings and will have production paint apps which are comparable to a decade ago. If anything, they are consistent I suppose. Call be cynical but the series deserves better hands to bring it into the modern era. The biggest kicker is how good their prototypes can look...minus that Wraith. He looks like Sauron had a Gold's Gym installed in Mordor.
Toy Biz never made a Moria Orc that looked that good.

You can make this sucker helmeted, unhelmeted and angry as well as making him a swordsman AND an Archer.
Hmmm. I am wondering how the articulation will be one these. I see ankle/foot joint on Frodo but nothing at the knees or hips. I wonder how far along these are.
All bought. Finally someone picks up the Toybiz torch.

My goodness my thoughts exactly.. lol I wonder if they be as detailed and careful as toybiz was. They were super good. Select has some paint issues and their recent Bruce Lee is terrible..looks nothing like him at all. Can?t believe they okayed that sculpt. I have like ever Bruce Lee figure..passed on that one.

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Diamond select is actually more 7" scale if they follow their traditional other lines. They will be a little bigger than Toy Biz's old lines. For examples, see Marvel selects vs Marvel Legends. Articulation will be good but not Marvel legends or Revol-Tech good. They usually lean more towards aesthetics of the sculpt vs articulation, which should be apparent from these pics.