Custom replacement green leather coat for Asmus SLIM Aragorn?

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The slim Aragorn sculpt could also use some paint touchups in order to bring out the best in that sculpt, particularly the moustache and eyebrows, which are painted too harshly.
I’d wait for Queen Studios to get around to making Aragorn and replace the whole thing. No use spending a load of money on a lovely custom coat when the head sculpt still looks nothing like Viggo. Slim Aragorn is pretty outdated now.
Is it 100% sure InArt will be using real leather for Aragorn?
Just a quick follow up to this. I got the replacement coat from the link above and I’m really impressed with it. I haven’t tried it on yet but it looks like a very accurate reproduction of Aragorn’s leather coat. I’m going to leave the original coat on the figure until I eventually sell it, but I’ll sell the figure with the replacement coat.