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Jan 9, 2014
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hi guys,
As I memtioned in the other thread, 1/6 Gil-Galad is almost ready.
Before we take another step into the physical prototype phase, the designer wants to me to ask you guys something that may help us make a better Gil-Galad.

"It are the improvements you think that would help elf warrior and elf archers become a better figure?"

We had this idea the elf soliders feedback isn't as good as we thought it would be,
I feel the question is kind of embaraasing to shoot from us, but your honest opinions may be our best aid.

thank you

Thank you for asking for our perspectives!

For the archer, the paint applications on the armour and face look very good and the die-cast accessories and split-cut boots were appreciated and help give the figure a premium feel.

There are two small (but important) parts which could have been improved: The joints were not strong enough to hold some of the accessories and some areas of the figure did not articulate as expected. Also the material used for the cloak/cape and belt look and feel very cheap. The cape on film had a natural luster to it, but it was not a sparkly shimmer like what was used on the figure.
Good points mentioned above, especially the strength of the joints. If any accessories are to be die-cast, then the figure needs to be able to hold them firmly without the joints being weak.

By the way, die-cast need not be used if the same piece can be made in plastic and look still accurate to the original material.
As far as the Elven Warriors are concerned, I would have preferred if you would have used gold fabric closer to the actual costume rather than the blue fabric. Gil-Galad, however, did have the blue fabric, showing his higher rank. His shield was also blue and gold.
Elven Warrior Costume.jpeg
Personally, I think die-cast is a waste of money and generally plastic well painted looks just as good and doesn’t weigh so much that the figure can’t hold up any weapons. Plenty of companies have been able to do realistic looking armor in plastic. But, for the love of god, please use real leather for belts, boots, etc. instead of rubber.
The only things that bothered me about the Elven Soldier/Archer release are the loose joints and wrong color on the cape.

I don't mind if Asmus chooses to go with die-cast or plastic armor, but would strongly prefer die-cast weapons so nothing warps over time. But my biggest concern, by far, is that his armor is accurate when released. As long as all of the colors and designs are as they were on screen/photos, I'll be happy, as will most folks I'm sure.
Real leather would be indeed really nice, die-cast or plastic weapons doesnt matter, if the joints are stronger sure go for die-cast.
Problem with elven warrior/archer was mainly that the blue cloth/ribbon/cloak? around their body is just too shiny/sparkly for my taste.

In all honesty if you would make better headsculpts for Boromir and would adapt the Gandalf the White headsculpt for Gandalf the Grey, lot of people would buy it for a reasonable price.

I think same goes for Aragorn Headsculpt, there still would be people who would buy it.

Lurtz would be big hit if you would make him. If you go for Gil-Galad, then you need to do Elendil as well.

I cant express it enough that the look and feel of your LOTR characters tailoring and clothing and accessories are mostly really nice but the Headsculpt accounts for about 70-80% of how a figure is judged.
Gil-Galad - how exciting!
Nice to hear from Asmus, I felt like they went quiet for a while and I was starting to worry something bad had happened.
Stronger joints would be my biggest thing. I also am fine with weapons not being die cast if they can be done realistically in plastic.
I agree, joints in the hands and better fitting weapon holding hands. Other than that I think they look great
I am absolutely a fan of metal armor. But you have to have a body strong enough to hold it. If you do go plastic, it has to be rigid. Armor that bends and distorts with posing immediately makes a piece feel cheap.
Just shooting off the top of my head so may be including issues with various other Asmus figures-

The thick yet soft, flimsy, rubbery feel of the armour, as well as the fact it’s all just sculpted in chunks- even the straps that join the pieces- make them visually a little underwhelming.

Bring back proper belts and metal buckles. Sculpted ones are lame.

I get that they are just army building troops so costs need to be kept down but they have the type of design- like everything in LOTR- that, if you choose to tackle as accurately as possible, would produce a stunning and interesting collectible.
The gold/brass paint is also too bright/light and a little flat, lacking a metallic sheen. Looks too much like plastic and needs more of a washed finish and emphasis on the autumn leave effect with hints of green.

Not sure why the cloth wrap colour is completely wrong but I recall something about ‘licensor requests’ when we first brought it up yonks ago.

Hands can also be too soft and don’t grip accessories tightly enough.
The softness of the helmets also makes them warp somewhat so, although it’s easy to fit them on the elves heads, they flare out and look oversized.
Making me put Eddie Redmayne’s face in my display was also a crime.
Combine the feedbacks are:

1. Stronger Body
2. Fabric Belts
3. Accurate color for the cap
4. Stiffer armors
5. Stronger hands

I will pass on the messages.