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That’s why I did the payment plan…unlike SS …Mondo shipped me the Rogue and so far I only did two payments on her and I only have two payments left

Is that with the "shop pay" blue icon thing? I might try it next time.
Is that with the "shop pay" blue icon thing? I might try it next time.
Yup…they are legit…been using them for over a couple years now…protected, they give you clear warnings when your next payment is due and you can always delay your payments but my favorite thing about using this method is they will give me the product always before I finish paying it off. There’s a reason why nowadays why we keep seeing these payment methods as an option …is because they really work

It’s quick approval process..however if you have freezes or blocks on your credit…I strongly recommend temprorarily unfreeze them before you go through the process because they do an instant credit check and those freezes will more than likely tell they declined you
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Guys, when you pre-order Cyclops, don't forget to add this mystery box to your cart.. they have this promo: free mystery box with $150 (and above) purchase!

when I was contemplating buying cyclops I added that mystery vinyl thing and it added an extra $20 to shipping which was free with only cyclops.
I snagged a limited edition...Cyclops has always been a favorite, since childhood. I had to get glasses in 5th grade and he was the superhero with cool shades so it was a given. This was a must, I'm just missing omega red at the moment.
Do we think now that they are branding Cyclops as X-Men 97. That they will update and release a Gambit based on the 97 art style?