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Hologram AI

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May 7, 2013
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The headsculpts are unfortunately so scene specific. How are we not getting just a regular John Cena hs without the helmet?

Also people are going to cry about those exposed arm joints..
Lol what the heck I guess they went the sucide squad harley quinn route for the headsculpt and arms... Mixed feelings with how it looks overall, but good or them on making a DC figure with a gun!
Yeah for sure wish they went with a neutral sculpt, but it's cool they added a tongue piece like the after market people did for the Harley quinn. I noticed he doesn't hold the pistol in any pictures maybe thats how they got around that gun ban if it does exsist?
I was hoping they'd do a Peacemaker after watching the show, but nah, man. This ******* blows. Do they not have the rights to Cena's likeness or something?
I really thought this was a photoshop joke. Wow, figure looks bad. No neutral face sculpt and eyes facing to the side? Glad I don't want any part of this joke.
I really liked the show but I don’t see Cena in any of the sculpts. A neutral head is necessary so maybe they will added it enough people complain about it.
The body and costume look ok to me. The sculpt is unfortunate. Like, HT, you have your chance at John Cena and that's your shot? This sculpt is fun, but it doesnt represent most of the character's screen time.