1/6 Hot Toys - MMS647 - Episode II: Attack of The Clones - Shiny Clone Trooper

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Lucas simp
Jun 6, 2017
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They've teased the Clone Commander from AOTC in both clone promo shots, could be a good exclusive, cheap and easy to make.


The tiny division between film and animated line Clones with the two lines on the right side of the chest armor is going to bother me a teensy bit, but I’m happy to see more Clones.
They’ve finally added them! But…. They forgot to add blue vent markings on the phase II helmet sides. No red small light on the back of the phase I helmet fin…
Well, this will be the 1st time I order 2 of the same figure. Would've been nice to do a 2 pack instead. Would be a little cheaper.
Is this a new sculpt for the Phase 1 Helmet?

Photo comparisons stat!

I think it’s the same. I wouldn’t expect them to change it at this point.

But I think it looks better proportioned because the white pauldrons make the figure look wider than the darker 501st blue.

So 3PO gets the fully sculpted sand base, the B1 gets the TFA sand base and the Shiny gets a dirty Death Star base? Nice consistency HT!