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Freaked Out
Feb 23, 2006
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Hey Guys
Here is my newest piece.

Premium Format Buffy from "The Gift"

I based her on the scene:

"Glory? you're not the brightest God in the Heavens are you?!"

I made the Hammer using bits of foam and resin (so it was light)

I will be selling her soon...will be taking commissions on these also

Id love to know what you think








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Re: Custom Premium Format Gift Buffy

Oh she looks wonderful! The expression you've given her is so spot on. :D
Re: Custom Premium Format Gift Buffy

This looks fantastic! If I could make one small suggestion: the iris seems a little small, resulting in a little too much white under her iris. But really, that's just a minor quibble. She really looks great.
Thanks for the feedback everyone.
And thanks Bickle, i see what you mean! I will take that on board with my next ones (I did Cheer Buffy before I saw this comment!)

Anyhoo. Here are 2 new statues,

Cheerleader Buffy

I sculpted her outfit, big bouncy hair and gym shoes. she is standing on her tip toes for that little cheer touch.

The pompoms were made by myself and a friend using thread. I also added thread to her hair for ribbons (i didnt notice them until i paused the episode, almost missed them!)

I tried to give her a slight smirk, the mouth on the PF is literally sculpted turned down...it was hard to change it without looking too cartoony!

She stands on a High School Gym floor.
Id love to know what you think. I really enjoyed making this one, its fun and different :D








Here is my Season 2 Premium Format Statue (I've done 1 and 5 already)

I based Buffy on Innocence from Season 2, with the Rocket Launcher.

The Rocket Launcher was made from various tubes and bits and bobs. I sized it using the version that came with the 6" accessory pack.

Id love to know what everyone thinks, I was pleased to make this one because I started a 12" version years ago but never finished

Thanks for looking :D









If anyone needs a kidney, let me know. That Innocence PF makes me want to rob a bank.

Why couldn't sideshow come up with this kind of stuff for Buffy & Willow in the new line? Episode specific statues or statues that are true to the characters?
Oh both of these are simply amazing pieces of work, but I think RL Buffy is my fav out of the two. I think she works a tad better because her serious expression fits the subject matter a wee bit better then the expression on Cheerleader Buff.

The finish on both of them is superb though.
Fantastic work on the statues.

I really wish that Sideshow had done the same and made their statues episode based.

I really take my hat off to you. My favourite is Buffy with the RL.
Great job on your customs. My favorite is also the last one, its just really flawless in execution and has a strange sense or grace or calm to it.
You can almost sense the satisfaction she (will) feel as she's about to toast a baddie.

I also need sleep as I type this haha.
Simply amazing. I hope you post a photo of all the PF statues together. That would be, without hyperbole, the most impressive Buffy collection anywhere in the world.
I like the Gift one the most. I find the RL one a little off due to her closed eye. I know it's how a lot of people use a scope, but aesthetically, I'd prefer to see her face. Perhaps a casual pose like The Gift, with the Rocket Launcher on her shoulder. But they are all very well done, as always.

I remember you were trying to fix the regular Angel head. Anything ever come of that?
I would think it weird for her to have the other one open. So I'm definitely on board with the closed eye. :rock