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I like that they went the direction of making it down to earth and fun with humor since the previous Captain Marvel was so intense and dramatic
I just can't stand the Ms. Marvel actress for some reason. Haven't watched the Disney+ series either. It just seems way too childish for me from the trailers :huh
I'll check it out on Disney+ eventually. Not exactly in my wheelhouse but I thought it looked fun as well.
I wouldn't make a theater effort but I'd watch for the Flerken herd of cats.

Looks like fluffy fluff fluff, with the resulting ecologically incorrect ugly plastic toys that will be 75% off.

I remember when MCU trailers were @sskicking - sigh.
Let's see...

Bollywood dancing
3 multi racial women as leads
Hilarious jokes

What's not to love.... :S
I think it looks like a cute, harmless, and fun movie for kids and tweens.

Even Stoneface McSourpuss actually looks like she's having a good time in this.

The only thing that looks lame as hell is the CGI of the cat monster. 90s Sy-Fy Channel level special effects.

It sure as hell isn't making a billion dollars, but I see no reason why kids wouldn't like it, especially girls. It certainly seems like a more charming and fun movie than any of the other slop that was in Phase 4.
Looks harmless just like the last one. Idk why some feel so threatened by this film and the first. They thought they movie was going to cause a revolutionary riot against men everywhere
I think this totally looks funny and fun and honestly it appears that Kamala Khan will be carrying the movie, lol.

Iman Vellani is a legitimate talent.

It's unfortunate she was saddled with a horrible narrative, scripts and general failure in production values all around her in Ms. Marvel. Plus the standard three shades of entitlement seeping out of her character.

The other tween-ish performers in the MCU however were all crash and burn. ( Dominique Thorne, Xochitl Gomez, Ty Simpkins, Kathyrn Newton, Elijah Bradley, Jack Veal, etc, etc)

Vellani really doesn't have a choice here. Larson and Parris are total stiffs.

The character construction just looks like Ugly Betty. Not that I think Vellani is ugly, per se, you have to be nice looking to be movies, but that it looks like Nia DaCosta just watched the entire boxed set series of Ugly Betty and compartmentalized the Khan character in the same fashion. If Steve Rogers is a "Man Out Of Time", then Khan is, like Ugly Betty, a "Fish Out Of Water" Vellani is 20 years old, and right now probably the best overall acting talent in the entire film. That's kind of a sobering thought.

That being said, this could be fun, and it would be worth IMHO, watching the first 20 minutes to see if it's got legs to sit through the whole thing.

Vellani has real comedic timing, which is not easy to do, especially at this level and with these kind of expectations, it's just she's not getting any help at all from the rest of the MCU. It kind of sucks that Nora Ephron is dead now, because she could actually do something interesting with the Khan character.
Bollywood dancing
3 multi racial women as leads
Hilarious jokes

I'd be cool with all of that, as long as the writing was excellent, the characters were developed and had authenticity, and the end goal was to make something for the audience to have a good time/fun.

The first half season of Glee was, IMHO, a really sharp biting satire. The aim was to tell a good story and have some fun. Even though I have no interest in singing and little interest in music at that level, the show said some pretty interesting things about human behavior. Then the show descended into a non stop lecture, virtue signaling, total misandry and a bully pulpit for Ryan Murphy to grind all his axes against the world. Plus he could parade around his personal casting couch into the main cast.

Desperate Housewives S1
Grey's Anatomy S1
Sex And The City S1-S4

There's a lot of stuff out there that's really well written and really well made that carries a mostly female cast. The trick to that is most of that stuff is older. Now it's just vogue to go on the total open attack on your potential fandom. In effect, it's Hollywood deployed structured gaslighting for woke points.

Slumdog Millionaire had Bollywood dancing, and I thought that film was fantastic. One of the best movies I've ever seen. But Danny Boyle knows what he's doing. Nia DaCosta got picked because she's a black woman. I know it. She knows it. Feige knows it. It's not a secret. Can she make a great film? Maybe. But why not just hire someone more experienced and more proven? And if it has to be "chick power" behind the scenes, then hire Kathyrn Bigelow or Gale Anne Hurd.

The MCU can make whatever movie it wants, but they have to stop attacking the fanbase, gaslighting them, and creating films that insult a major cross section of the potential viewers because the creators have a personal grudge to unload unto the entire world ( Wonder Woman 1984 is an example of that, the entire WW franchise had to die because Patty Jenkins just needed to use the film as a platform to take as many personal shots as she could against everything she hated about the world that gave her a film franchise in the first place. She screwed up so badly she also lost her Star Wars project and is now probably clipping cat food coupons somewhere. )

I could care less if a MCU film has three multi-racial women in the leads. I do however have serious misandry fatigue if those characters end up trying to shame the fandom for loving what they love.

But I get where you are coming from here, but the "clues" in how the project is being made does sometimes lend the impression that the MCU is just going to spit in our faces again. I do get that part of it.

Here's the part that makes me laugh the hardest. The next time the MCU casts a straight white male lead, given what has happened in the past five or so years, that kind of move would actually be functionally "diverse" at this point. The actual point of "inclusion" is not to simply change the direction of exclusion. Try explaining that to Hollywood though.