Superman (July 11th, 2025)

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Yea I’ve been looking for the post but can’t find it. Did a Snyder cultist post that? They’ve been trying everything to slander the movie
If that was real, it would've been fun to see how Gunn handled the backlash from fans and the YouTubers.... :rotfl

Even showing it's fake, I still have no faith in this till after it's out and we see where it goes wrong..

In todays Hollywood, It's mostly inevitable.... :(
The film has been renamed to simply Superman.
I've honestly never cared for that Kingdom Come style S... but it's a new Superman movie so I can't help but feel excited about any new tease we get from it. And it's kinda cool seeing the yellow outline brought back.
I'm surprised by how dark and textured it is.
I see there is info floating around saying the budget is $363m.
That budget rumor was debunked by James Gunn.

James Gunn Laughs At Superman: Legacy Rumors About The Budget
I don't know who to believe. There's a lot of fake crap out there.
Gunn does have a habit of saying one thing and then changing it down the line.
$363m does seem excessive but even Man of Steel's budget is $300m after inflation.