SooSoo - 1/6 SST-45 Wolverine - Old Man Logan

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Love this:

The angry sculpt gives me Wallace and Gromit vibes.

I prefer the T-shirt to the regular one though, as under the duster it looks like it could be long johns.
That's it!
It just doesn't convey much aggression. For whatever reason it's better with just the modern red shirt. Perhaps it's the lighting.
Funny that Soosoo added this sculpt. I've been looking for an angrier head sculpt since this figure was announced. Don't know if I want to pick this up, though.
They mean both the figure and accessory set.
Ah OK I got my invoice from Giantoy for the figure I'll pay it Friday and get the accessorie pack same day. Should get him in next week. Personally think the red T-shirt was needed as that's how I remember his look with both the duster and modern look.