Hot Toys Sandtrooper and Dewback 1/6

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Nov 1, 2018
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Finally the white pauldron sandtrooper! Hopefully they actually announce him this time.
Not sure about the dewback. I'm currently planning a Mos Eisley diorama for my sandtroopers, but a sand dune with dewback would be cool as well...
My Sideshow Dewback will do just fine. Not a fan of that synthetic fur look they added from what i can see right now.

If it goes up for PO, i'm crossing fingers we get a chance at that Sandtrooper sold by himself.
I was thinking close to double the Blurrg, but I've not seen the Blurrg in person to understand scale. If the Dewback is under $400 I'll buy one in an instant!
No way it's double the cost of a Blurrg. A Blurrg is just under 24" long (its tail is deceptively long) but the Dewback does appear to be 25-30% longer so maybe $400? Any more than that and they'll lose a lot of potential buyers. Anyone with a Sideshow Dewback know how long it is?

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