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Very foolish words man!
Jul 26, 2007
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Hot Toys - MMS114 : 300 - 12" King Leonidas collectible figure

This 1/6th scale Spartan Warrior collectible stands approximately 30 cm tall, featuring Hot Toys newly sculpted and developed muscled body** with over 26 points of articulation. Dressed with a real fabric cape with harness, faux-leather belt, vambraces and greaves, and this stunning piece also comes with the following accessories and weapons:

l Helmet features a real-like horsehair crest**
l Real-like wolf’s tooth necklace
l Sword and faux-leather scabbard
l Battle damaged Spartan shield features the faux- leather hand hold and removable broken arrows
l Spear
l Two pairs of Interchangeable hands
l Head sculpt with authentic Gerard Butler likeness as King Leonidas**
l Figure stand with 300 movie logo and King Leonidas nameplate

** highlighted features

Artist info:
Head Sculpt by GOX (Jae Sung Eom)
Head Paint by JC. Hong

Legal line:
TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Released date: Q1 2010







Thanks for posting Jeff. This piece is actually growing on me a lot. Proportions are now spot on. The body looks fantastic, with a good range of motion and it is all fantastically detailed. As for the headsculpt, well it is pretty much on the money and definitely a good representation of Butler, however yet again, the neutral expression lets it down a little. If i get it, it'll be displayed helmet on. Its crying out for a battle cry grimace looking head. All in all though it looks great...

Any news on other potential characters from the film being made??
I bet there will be a kind of "battle-damaged" version soon - with trademark "SPAARTAAAAAAAA!!!" expression & better likeness.
Looks good, but easy pass.
I bet there will be a kind of "battle-damaged" version soon - with trademark "SPAARTAAAAAAAA!!!" expression & better likeness.
Looks good, but easy pass.

Sad but true. The scar on his eye and accompanying damaged helmet is conspicuous by it's absence. As is the blood. V2 will follow I reckon...
The new body looks great, and appears to have some good movement. As for the sculpt, I think it's pretty damn good. I'm disappointed that there isn't more of an expression in either of the sculpts, but I suppose that will be saved for another version. Overall, it looks to be a great figure and I'm looking forward to it! :rock
from the pics before, i would of said he was the missing member of the Village People, think I've changed my mind now:D

Looks much better.
Its only page 2 i know by the time this gets to page 37 there will be 250 different complaint about how the likeness is off let me be one of the first to mention it. otherwise its amazing!

Does Gerard have some kind of skin problem? The figure's skin looks really sandy/pebbly (the body, not the head). King Sandstone.:google

Looks really good though, very realistic etc. The real hair plume on the helmet really adds to the look.
Still obsessed with coating every last inch of everything in rubber I see. :lol I don't think that's gonna stop me getting this one though. I wish, I wish, I wish I had a spine...:lol