Asmus Toys : Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee

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I have an estimated delivery date- this Thursday, July 28! Crazy that this figure in China didn't actually get to FedEx until Monday and it will be delivered to me in the middle of the U.S. just three days later!
Mine also on its way now....should arrive on Monday. At the end not a bad deal at all, even with the additional shipping cost (in total it costed me 120€)
Yeah, agreed. It was $125 total for me after shipping, which is great, since it's way above MSRP almost everywhere and $155 before shipping direct from Asmus.
Finally opened up Frodo last night. I was pleasantly surprised with the look and quality of the figure (except for Sting, that particular accessory was a disappointment to me). The head sculpt is definitely better in person than these photos, and I think he looks great next to Gandalf!

At one point they said they were working on releasing new versions of the hobbits. No clue where Asmus stands on that now. I have their previous releases of the hobbits but I would buy new versions of all of them.
I've got their "slim" versions (the second releases) and I'm happy with Frodo and Sam. (I was fortunate enough to get a well painted Frodo from the initial batch). Merry and Pippin head sculpts are ok but could be improved in likeness.

I would prefer to see new versions but wearing their alternate outfits: Rohirrim Merry and Gondorian Pippin, for example.
Is SS Samwise an option to go with Asmus Frodo? I want a Sam (will repaint head anyway or use a custom one) just asking for clothes and overall size/appearance. Thanks
His hair color is so hard to define. Is it more ash blonde or more reddish blonde?
There are pics where both can be argued? Wanting mohair for him