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May 15, 2014
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I figured we could start this one now
Excellent work. Would love a Bag End door way display base, just putting that out there :)
Half of the door with each Hobbit, and you can effectively use them as bookends? That way if you only get one you still can use it for display purposes?

That sounds even better [emoji3] So the outside with one hobbit, then an inside version with the other?
That sounds even better [emoji3] So the outside with one hobbit, then an inside version with the other?
Close! I would split it vertically down the center, or at least along one of the beams of wood in the door, so you would always look at it straightforward when it's a bookend. But, I would detail the front of each as the outside, and the back the interior of the door. So you would effectively end up with two roughly D shaped pieces, reversible, and separatable to act as book ends, and they can be placed together to make a single display.
I can kind of see Frodo and Sam in there.
Man I can't wait to own all four hobbits, and then a dwarf and an elf!
Are they available seperately or do we have to buy them both?

The original plan to have them as separate releases.

I think I know what i miss in Sam's sculpt. He has slightly more prominent jawline, and his cheeks are not so full in the movie:


He looks to have more weight at the promo shot session:

Frodo is good, only Wood's upper lip is not that curled.
Looking good so far. If i could afford another line, I would have put the fellowship together.