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Love how these two look next to each other.

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Did you change the height of Boba? Why is previous one so smaller but from what I seen comparing the previous Boba to the new one it the same height.
Has anyone had the chance to mix and match the throne version with the BOBF version? I thought about getting the boots from the new version and putting them on the throne version. Maybe the shirt and pants too.
Figured shipped from SS. Will get it on Tuesday this has to be my most anticipated Boba release. Wish I preorder Cad Bane back then but oh well.
They take a while to get their items no?

They might. The AOTC figures weren’t too far behind the US though.

Better than paying inflated prices.

Comic Fortress has the Deluxe in stock. Price is higher since they include shipping. Total comes out close to what it’d be from Sideshow out the door.
Got Boba in today and he's an amazing figure definitely the definitive version in terms of the recent ones. I'm glad the boot spats are easy to switch over to the correct side. The only thing I don't get is how to attach the clasp to the flight poll. I broke the top off and I have no idea why that happened it's supposed to be screwed on so it's easy to put together. 🙃
Got him yesterday from TBA. Played with him a bit today. Very hard to get to sit down, but pretty happy overall. Now the 1:6 Fett era is done for me (he‘s #21) unless HT decides to tackle the prototype or concept arts.

Bit worried about the holster, though. Pistol barely fits in there and pokes outward.


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