1/6 Hot Toys - MMS664-D48 - Iron Man - Iron Man Mark 3 (2.0 For Real This Time!)

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May 7, 2013
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Mark 3 2.0 (3.0) but it's actually a true 2.0 unlike the previous lazy bad diecast release! :lol









I’m amused they put emphasis on the height in the description since the first Diecast felt really short.

This is 32.5 cm (12.8 inches) versus the 30 cm (11.8 inches) of the last one.

“The diecast Iron Man Mark III figure measures 32.5cm tall is meticulously crafted based on the image of Robert Downey Jr. as Mark III in the movie […]”
Yeah this is pretty much what the first diecast 2.0 should have been. Glad I skipped on that abomination of a figure and waited for this. Can finally have a proper 1/6 Mark 3 figure.

Nitpicking here but I still wish the color was darker and more red-wine. They still some how manage to not nail the color on this suit right after having done it like 4 times now. I'm happy it's at least not that crazy bright candy apple red they used previously.
Definitely night and day. I imagine anyone that held off on getting a Mk 3 to complete their hall of armor is quite happy today.

Can always count on Iron Man. :( Congrats to those who are getting this though. Looks great.

Now, where are my Strange variants?
Definitely night and day. I imagine anyone that held off on getting a Mk 3 to complete their hall of armor is quite happy today.

No! I was happy with my QS mk 3 as the sole representative of this armor. Now I have to fork out more money for this. Totally piss me off. :mad:

Well.. at least they are not charging us separate for that monger base unlike a certain other reptile.
The height does help with how wide and squat the first one was. Still the wrong color but moved in the right direction at least, and it actually has a torso this time. Christ I still remember getting that fist DC one, putting it on my shelf and I was so distracted by how off it looked I could just not stop staring at it and frowning. It was like the Mole in Austin Powers. I sold it off in like 3 days.

That is a great headsculpt! Pity it's got blood on it. I'd have used it on the Mech Test 2.0. The colour is still off, but hopefully it keeps that slightly satin finish.

Does this mean another mk2 in the near future? I skipped the diecast because it wasn't that much better than the AU.
The Mark 3 doesn’t get the love it deserves..I loved it

This is the MK III I need with Tony RDJ messy hair too
Now the question, will this be USB powered too? They seem to be taking a hard tack away from batteries entirely if the last few weeks of reveals are anything to go by. Would be an Iron Man game changer