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Yes Marvel and DC are a mess.

Yes Disney and WB are a mess.

But Scorsese can go to hell.

I grew up with Superheroes on wires in front of rear projection screens so I celebrate and cherish my modern technology MCU Phase 1-3 and ZS DC.

I never experienced a Scorsese movie delivering the theatrical emotions that IW and EG delivered.

Scorsese directed The Irishman, go to hell fool lol
It’s funny that he hates superheroes movies but signed on for the movie shark tale. So weird lol
From Scorsese's films I've seen: Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Casino, and Shutter Island. I still have other films on my to-watch list but I quite liked those that I saw.
I would highly recommend After Hours and The Last Temptation of Christ. Both are somewaht low budget movies, but simply awesome. Gangs of New York is also brilliant, except for some dodgy CGI towards the end. And if you're in the mood for a period drama, check out The Age of Innocence.
So now Disney's marketing strategy is to go after elderly cat ladies? :lol

Is this movie up for a Razzie yet? :monkey3

Disney's gonna blame the strike for it's failure cause they couldn't have the beloved acting trio do the media rounds to promote this. So obviously not enough people new it was coming out... Hence it's failure.... And I'm sure they won't be able to resist using the usual haters speech and attacking of a certain fan demographic. This is gonna be a fun train wreck..

Sorry Zurdo. Disney needs to hire you to be an influencer for them. You need to spread your enthusiasm to a greater crowd... :rotfl
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Who TF is that supposed to be?!?

Vellani's aesthetic hits several check marks for general appeal to the Bollywood market. The hope is to generate international appeal for this film. Park Seo-Joon was also cast because there's a correlation between the Bollywood fan base and their interest in KPop/Korean cinema/Korean culture. A lot of tween Indian/Pakistani girls are into underweight Asian dancers/singers/actors, etc, etc.

From a industry reference point perspective, there is usually always one "jailbait appeal" performer/character in productions that are trying to rely more on international markets to boost their revenue. It's not something that's talked about too much in the open.

Vellani is always "in character" You don't see that too often anymore. Aubrey Plaza also does it consistently. Vellani has, IMHO, excellent comedic timing, which for her age and experience level, is pretty impressive. The Ms Marvel scripts and setup didn't give her too much to work with unfortunately. If you observe Vellani outside of film/shows, her body language, tone, word choice, dynamic is extremely manipulative. But effectively actors/actresses are IMHO, just that, good at manipulating a crowd. She's very likely a sociopath, but most people who break through in the industry are that by default, so there's that.

But for The Marvels, she is the only singular chance to save this film. Larson and Parris are duds. Sorry to say it for fans of them, but that's just that. Maybe different roles for them would be better but it's too late now. Jackson is just there for a paycheck.
So now Disney's marketing strategy is to go after elderly cat ladies? :lol

They know The Marvels will struggle some domestically. They are attempting to appeal to a worldwide audience instead.

For example, CSI Miami. For most of us, David Caruso just sounds like a total idiot. But, back then, if he walked into lots of places around the world, he'd be swarmed and be treated like one of the Beatles. What appeals to non Western markets is just different. Not better, not worse, just different.

If it was me, and it's not, if I am going to break the 300 million overall production cost barrier to make a film like this, I'd be getting rid of Larson and casting BlackPink instead. So for Korean markets, the way male dancers are treated and their appeal is simply different from the Western world. That's an example of the shifting context once you get outside of what amounts to our general conception of marketability within the US. If you go to an American high school and want to be a professional dancer and start a dance club, you will probably have to get into some fistfights. In foreign markets, lots of young guys dream of having a full time career doing that.

Where the miscalculation might come in is that foreign markets have really pushed more investment and development into their film/TV production. Things like Train To Busan, Wandering Earth, Squid Game, Parasite, etc, etc are forcing more films geared for more sophisticated audiences.

Hence the core problem - People want films. Not another "energy drink" off an assembly line. The Big Mouse doesn't want to make films. They want to make "product" They want to adhere to the "algorithm". Like all MCU films, there is always a good film hidden in what is nominally seen as a clunker. The Big Mouse struggles to get out of it's own way.