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Picked up Hero Broly for my brother this week for his birthday.
Been ages since he got any new figures from the line & honestly can't think how many he is behind now

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Im a big Broly Fan. .. The only special thing about him are faces for the powered down version and the Gohan head.
66€ would he cost for me.. Dunno if he is worth it.
Figuarts Legendary Super Saiyan Goku arrived a few days ago and I finally got to play with him. I definitely love his improved posability. Very bulky but extremely easy to pose!

My conflicting thoughts on this show still frustrate me. So much of Dragonball Z is the worst thing ever, but I can't help but love all of the characters so very much.

They're all so memorable and adorable. Even the villains had so many moments where you couldn't help but love them.

I've been thinking of buying figures of some of the characters myself lately.
Initial testing of making 3D scenes with Goku and Metal Cooler, it was tough to learn but fun :D