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Grange Wallis

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Sep 20, 2006
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Melbourne, Australia

Anyone else collect them? I've just been in the middle of a Dragonball frenzy lately! Started watching the remastered 'Z' from the first episode after getting all 9 seasons the other day... Then start I wanted collectibles, whcih I never bother with as a kid as they always look cheap and never had any articulation! Then I saw and ordered the Bandai 1/8 Goku Master Grade Model Kit Figure. But then I found out about this S.H FiguArts line (also made by Bandai Japan!) So I also promptly ordered the S.H FiguArts Piccolo figure! This looks like its going to develop in to a great 6" line! All the figures feature mulitple pairs of hands, faces and in some case hair!

Currently, They've made Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan Gohan and Piccolo! However they seem to be expanding the line with a regular Goku and Vegeta soon! With Power Up accessories!

I'll post a review of the Piccolo Figure when I get him! Anyway here are some pictures from what is out now and coming (hopefully) very soon!!! :yess:





Larger versions of those pics can be found here!
I haven't picked any of these up yet but I've been super tempted. Getting a few of the main characters would be nice.

Are they roughly Revoltech sized or larger?
Though I haven't paid much attention for years, I loved this show for a brief period when I was in high school. I was always surprised at the cheapness and lack of articulation of figures released associated with the show, given that it was really the definitive "action" cartoon. Would be very interested in Vegeta and regular Gokou.
Ohh, I really like the kamehameha Goku and makankosapo Piccolo! Actually, levitating Piccolo and SS3 Goku look pretty good too. :yess::yess:
I currently only have the SSJ Goku, though I'm thinking about picking up Gohan and Piccolo while I still can. I wish they came with more accessories though. Goku is hurting for a Kamehameha wave.

This line looks awesome!! will get the main characters foe sure!!!! Ive been waiting for a great looking figure line. Since they stopped with the medicom:(
Yeah, they look great I'm just hoping they continue with it and release a lot more characters! I'm hoping I get Piccolo today asi ordered over a week ago!

And yeah, the line is a 6" scale.
Well, I only had a vague interest in Dragon Ball as a kid, because of a chinese friend of mine. I only watched it a little bit, but always though the show drag a bit... With all the drawn out power-up sequences.

But I was speaking to a guy at a bar and he started telling me how awesome the show is if you watch the whole show in order. So I got all 9 seasons and am only up to the end of the second season and loving it!!! So good, some of the characters and scenes are annoying as, but I'm really enjoying it!

My chinese friend showed me some of the figures from back in the day, which I thought were rubbish, back then as well. I was always amazed at how such a popular IP could be lacking in having great figures... Well here they are I suppose!

I wish I just knew when Vegeta, Son Goku are getting released!

I own SS Goku, Piccolo and Gohan... and waiting for my most anticipated figure from this line: Vegeta :panic::panic:

One thing I noticed with my last figure, SS Gohan is the lower paint level.. I mean, the skin tone of his chest is mixed with the main outfit color :thud:... and the whole outfit is unpainted, just the natural color of the material (I believe is'nt PVC), so there is'nt shadows effects like the promotional pics and looks very, poor and cheap :slap... at least the hair is really good done and painted
same post as above. I've been wanting to get these for a while now, but NO IDEA where to get them, and what a "fair" price would be.