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Just a little freaky
Jan 19, 2024
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Hello everyone here on this Forum. I am new to all of this. I have no idea what I'm doing, I have no idea if this is even the main forum or site most use? I did a google search and this forum was the first that popped up so here we go. I little about me and why I'm here. My very first main goal number one is to find someone who can help me with a project. I purchased a McFarlane figure of Westley (The Dread Pirate Roberts) for my wife as a gift. I want to take the figure and make small background diorama thing and give her as an anniversary gift. I love McFarlane toys and typically from my newbie novice eyes love most of the figures and sculpts that Mcfarlane makes. However, in this instance this figure head looks horrible! Like really bad! It looks nothing like the actor at all. I was surprised that McFarlane really missed the mark on this thing. Anyway, so main goal number one is to find someone here that can help me with a new head for this figure. I am completely new to all of this! I am like a baby just learning how to walk in this area of custom stuff.
After I get help with this project I then lean into reason number 2. I want to learn and grow and maybe start to be able to make a few custom figures of my own over time. Learn the in and out and everything in-between.
I am finally at a point in my life where I'm starting to have a little free time and the the extra funds here and there to be able to start doing things like this.
I have 3 kids, one of which is starting to get into things like this and wants to be able to start collecting figures and hes always watching videos and tells me about toys or what I come to later find out is someone's custom figure.
I want to be able to learn and do things like this with him. His little brother always wants to do what he does so I really do want to start learning how to ect.
Myself personally have purchased many toys and figures over the years but I dont have much room to display anything. So step one build displays to get me by until I buy a new home and make a dedicated space for things.
My current collection of toys and figures are mainly my retro loves from my childhood which include "Back to the Future" "Ghostbusters" "Tron" "Dick Tracy" "Danger Mouse" and stuff like that.
That's pretty much it (the short version) in a nutshell.
If anyone reads this and can help to point me in the right direction for help with goal issue number 1 it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Dave
Hello and welcome. As a collector, abandon all hope ye who enter this collecting space. ; )

Just a suggestion; take it slow. It is rookie error to want too many items and not know where to put them. Secondly, your artistic inclination will lead you into another direction separate from collecting.

Plan two spaces. One needs to be a workspace for building and repair. The other is the display space so you don't end up with your collection in boxes, cluttering up the garage or closet where you cannot enjoy it.

Most of have been there and have learned this hard lesson. Some are still struggling with it.

I hope this helps.