Mars Toys 1/6 Batman Forever Two-Face

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We only have ourselves to blame for getting our hopes up regarding announcements, pics and “coming soon.” Especially where a 3rd party company is concerned. I honestly think Mars is trying to put out the best quality product they can and I don’t mind the wait. I’m sure they’d release and sell product faster if they could. We have no idea what kind of problems Mars face from the time they proto a figure. I’d rather see pics and “soon” announcements over silence.
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I can't recall a thread or figure that has had such stress and anxiety about being able to put a deposit down.

To be quickly replaced by the stress and anxiety of when it will be released a week later.

Love it. What a hobby this can be sometimes 😀
This and Meredith Penguin seem to be real problems to put up a PO.

Maybe when unlicensed you must be very, very quiet....

I've been torn on this one for a while now. I know I'll prolly pick it up but it just doesn't wow me. The makeup was pretty awful for his face back then and it translates just as mediocre in figure form.