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This is insane and unreal... holy crap! Am I crazy, or in the latest images he looks even better than the prototype?
I mentioned it earlier. The prototype was stellar. The paint work was unreal but it looked like a really well painted sculpt. The newer images it looks like a real persons skin tone. I think it matches Viggo’s skin tone perfectly.
Holy hell he looks amazing in that latest review! His eyes show human emotion, the melancholy of Aragorn, which is something I hardly ever see in figures.

I don't have this on order, but man, it's getting increasingly harder to stand by my decision...

The influencer era is insufferable.

Aragorn looks stunning, I'd say a step up from Gandalf. I loved everything about Gandalf except the beard which I didn't figgle with enough because he's living in a box till I get a glass display. Really looking forward to getting Aragorn ans eventually the rest of the fellowship
I think some of these were already shared but I don't recall seeing all of them. Sorry for the repost if so. These are part of what InArt shared on the socials. I tried to leave out the ones that I think Holo already previously posted.






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man, i am so happy to have gone for the rooted. the sculpted looks ok, but it totally ruins the illusion for me. Will pair him with the Diorama from the Asmus Toys figure Aragorn - The Battle of Helms Deep


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What is I see in these reviews and pictures most of the people who own him can't position eyes properly. :monkey4 What of course takes likeness away. :monkey3 Proto had a bigger eyeballs and final product has smaller ones which looks more realistic. He is perfect, sculpted or rooted both of them are amazing.
Rolling eyeballs are the absolute bane of my existence. I don’t blame anyone who can’t work them properly.
Rolling eyeballs are the absolute bane of my existence. I don’t blame anyone who can’t work them properly.
Yes I have only few figures with rolling eyes and I haven't touched them, especially when eyes move separately it's truly hard to make them look realistic. Separate movement makes no sense.